The Chögyam Trungpa Institute

The Chögyam Trungpa Institute, based at Naropa University, serves a diverse worldwide community of those inspired by the work of Chögyam Trungpa, by the practice of meditation, and by the Buddhist tradition and teachings, historically and in contemporary times.

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Key Initiatives and Events

The CT Digital Library

The Digital Library makes audio and video recordings of Chogyam Trungpa’s teachings available for all to hear and watch. Transcripts and captioning aligned with the recordings are also provided. You can browse, search, and access material in many ways. The Library is still in development.

CTR Transcription Project

A team of trained transcribers is completing the transcription of close to 1,000 talks never transcribed before. The team is also reviewing, digitizing and correcting older transcripts, and team members also contribute to talk and seminar descriptions for the CTR Digital Library.

Opening the Dharma Treasury Editors Group

The ODT began with a series of yearly workshops at Naropa to train transcribers and editors. The ODT Editors’ Group completed their first book, Cynicism and Magic: Intelligence and Intuition on the Buddhist Path, which was published in 2021.

The CTI Archive and Museum

Currently in the planning stages, the Museum and Archive will house physical documents, visual art, and many other items, both secular and sacred.

About Our Logo

The logo of the Chogyam Trungpa Institute incorporates elements designed by Chogyam Trungpa himself. The image of the radiating sun with the EVAM symbol in its heart center symbolizes wakefulness and the unity of feminine and masculine energies.

What Is the True Role of Study?

If the proper idea of intellectual understanding and sharpening the intellect is not feeding oneself millions of bits of information and making oneself into a walking library, then what is it? It is connected with developing sharpness and precision in …

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Is the Buddha a Superscholar?

When you take the attitude that the student should be a superscholar, then when the student has become an extremely perfect scholar, they have attained buddhahood. They have all the answers. They know everything inside out. This kind of omniscience, …

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Hardened Scholars and Bookworms

One of the problems connected with intellect and intellectual understanding is that, if we look for and come up with answers, conclusions, logical deductions, we tend to end up with a high opinion of our understanding. Then, we may no …

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