Opening the Dharma Treasury Editors Group

The ODT began with a series of yearly workshops at Naropa to train transcribers and editors. The ODT Editors’ Group completed their first book, Cynicism and Magic: Intelligence and Intuition on the Buddhist Path, which was published in 2021.

The ODT Editors are dedicated to the editing and publication of teachings by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. The group evolved out of workshops at Naropa University to train transcribers and editors.

Their first book, Cynicism and Magic: Intelligence and Intuition on the Buddhist Path, was published in 2021. Future plans include more publications and further training for new and existing editors.

Brief History

In 2016, Judy Lief and Carolyn GImian initiated a workshop, Opening the Dharma Treasury (ODT), to train editors and transcribers. Annually, over a four-year period beginning in 2016, they worked with more than twenty-five participants from different dharma and academic communities. All participants worked on early edits of the first seminar Chogyam Trungpa gave at Naropa in 1974. As time went on, returning editors focused on final edits of the material. Then, a group of workshop participants prepared a book proposal based on the material.

Cynicism and Magic

The book was accepted for publication by Shambhala Publications, and a small group of the editors completed the manuscript. The book, entitled Cynicism and Magic: Intelligence and Intuition on the Buddhist Path was published in August 2021.  The publication of this book is a milestone in passing the torch from one generation of editors to another.

Opening the Dharma Treasury Editors Group (2021)
  • Harry Einhorn
  • Alicia Fordham
  • Diana Goetsch
  • Cassell Gross
  • Diana Janowitz
  • Trudee Klautky
  • Travis May
  • Ella Milligan
  • Carla Marie Burns
  • Daniel Nguyen
  • Matilda Perks
  • Emma Sartwell
  • Jade Weston


  • Carolyn Rose Gimian
  • Judith L. Lief


  • Jonathan V. Daniel
  • Nate Speare
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CTR Transcription Project

A team of trained transcribers is completing the transcription of close to 1,000 talks never transcribed before. The team is also reviewing, digitizing and correcting older transcripts, and team members also contribute to talk and seminar descriptions for the CTR Digital Library.