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The Footprints of the Buddha

Everything in our life is a footprint of the Buddha. Anything that goes on, whether we regard it as sublime or ridiculous, is a footprint. Everything we do–breathing, farting, getting mosquito bites, having fantastic ideas about reality, thinking clever thoughts, flushing the toilet–whatever occurs is a footprint. That is why enlightenment is referred to as en-lighten–ment, rather than as a big gain of freedom. It is further luminosity; it illuminates life. Up to this point, we had a very bad lighting system; but now we are getting a better lighting system, so we begin to see every curve of skin, every inch of our world, properly.


From “Glimpses of Realization,” in Glimpses of the Profound: Four Short Works,  pages 322 to 323.

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Photo of Chogyam Trungpa by James Gritz.

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