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No Special Cases

Usually, we are pissed off at our world. We have lots of complaints when things don’t fulfill their function in our life: Our husband is not being properly husbandly, our wife is not performing her duties, our brothers and sisters are not properly behaving, our friends are not helping us, and our guru is not being kind to us. We have lots of complaints, all kinds! We may begin by being pissed off at little sand flies brushing our cheek, and from that level, we can interpret our complaints to the infinite level: “It was the fault of my father that that sand fly sat on my cheek and ate me up. It was the fault of my guru. My guru led me to this miserable life.”

Although all kinds of problems and all kinds of angry situations take place immensely, all the time, that doesn’t mean that you are a special case, at all. There are no special cases, none whatsoever! You are part of the world. Nobody is a special case. Nobody has some special potentiality for attaining enlightenment, any more than anybody else. And nobody has the particular potentiality of being a reject. That’s why we need to understand that every situation is always workable.

From “Glimpses of Realization,” in Glimpses of the Profound: Four Short Works, page 312.


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