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Transform All Mishaps into the Path of Bodhi

This is taken from a lojong, or mind-training, slogan that says that when the world is filled with evil, or even when the world is not filled with evil, any mishaps that might occur should be transformed into the path of bodhi, or wakefulness. That understanding comes from your sitting practice and your general awareness.

In our ordinary life, our immediate surroundings or our once-removed surroundings are not necessarily hospitable. There are always problems and difficulties. There are difficulties even for those who proclaim that their lives are very successful, those who have become the president of their country, or the richest millionaires, or the most famous poets or movie stars or surfers or bullfighters. Even if our lives go right, according to our expectations, there are still difficulties. Obstacles always arise. That is something everybody experiences. And when obstacles happen, any mishaps connected with those obstacles—poverty mentality, fixating on gain and loss, or any kind of competitiveness—should be transformed into the path of bodhi. That is a very powerful and direct message.

From Training the Mind: and Cultivating Loving Kindness, page 40.



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