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The Eye of Dharma

From the actual discipline of the sitting practice of meditation, people begin to learn to relate with themselves and they open up. They are willing to work with their own basic neuroses and face the areas they have been trying to hide from themselves. When you can sit and deal with your own neurosis, then you are developing what is known as “the eye of  dharma.”

From “The Eye of Dharma,” in the Collected Kalapa Assemblies.

Carolyn Gimian, who selects the quote each week, will be presenting a talk on the Eye of Dharma at the Westchester Meditation Center on Sunday, March 7th. For more information and to join by zoom, go to: https://www.westchestermeditationcenter.org/news-updates/dharma-gathering-with-guest-speaker-carolyn-gimian

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Photo of Chogyam Trungpa by James Gritz.

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