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Sitting Practice is the Trap for Monkey Mind

The monkey mind is caught in the trap of awareness, which is the most sane portion of the mind. The monkey mind is caught in this trap because of the sitting practice of meditation, which provides a camouflage. Being completely still, it is complete entrapment. But at this point, it is still a game. We are uncertain as to whether we are going to trap the monkey or not. It is uncertain. It is still a challenge. It could be regarded as a big joke, but nevertheless we are pursuing it and going ahead. But the monkey mind is finally caught in the trap purely by constant patience and forbearance. As practitioners, we do not react against the displays that monkey has provided us: the discursive thoughts and subconscious gossip. We continue to remain still. We are faithful to the technique of awareness of breathing and walking.

From “Beauty and Absurdity,” in The Teacup and the Skullcup: Where Zen and Tantra Meet, pages 85 to 86.

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