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Cosmic Pancake

Our ordinary approach to reality and truth is so poverty-stricken that we don’t realize that the truth is not one truth, but all truth. It could be everywhere, like raindrops, as opposed to water coming out of a faucet that only one person can drink from at a time. Our limited approach is a problem. It may be our cultural training to believe that only one person can get the truth: “You can receive this, but nobody else can.” There are all sorts of philosophical, psychological, religious, and emotional tactics that we use to motivate ourselves, which say that we can do something but nobody else can. Since we think we are the only one that can do something, we crank up our machine and we do it. And if it turns out that somebody else has done it already, we begin to feel jealous and resentful. In fact, the dharma has been marketed or auctioned in that way. But from the point of view of ati, the ultimate view, there is “all” dharma rather than “the” dharma. The notion of “one and only” does not apply anymore. If a gigantic pancake falls on our head, it falls on everybody’s head. In some sense it is both a big joke and a big message. You cannot even run to your next-door neighbor saying, “I had a little pancake fall on my head. What can I do? I want to wash my hair.” You have nowhere to go. It is a cosmic pancake that falls everywhere on the face of the earth. You cannot escape—that is the basic point. From that point of view, both the problem and the promise are cosmic.

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