Chögyam Trungpa

Chögyam Trungpa is celebrated as one of the most influential spiritual teachers of the 20th century. He is renowned for his contribution to the understanding of Buddhism in North America and the introduction of authentic Buddhist practice throughout the West. His books, which continue to be edited and published at an impressive pace, are considered classics on meditation and the Buddhist path. The Chögyam Trungpa Legacy Project has been created to promote and support his legacy. 


Birth and Recognition as Trungpa Tulku (Incarnate Teacher)
Training and Education
Escape and Time in India
England and Bhutan: New Directions
Early Years in America
The Dharma Ocean Series: Publications
Training of Students
Shambhala Teachings
Death and Legacy


1 In Tibet, there is a well-documented tradition of teachers discovering, or “receiving,” texts that are believed to have been buried, some of them in the realm of space, by Padmasambhava, who is regarded as the father of Buddhism in Tibet. Teachers who find what Padmasambhava left hidden for the beings of future ages, which may be objects or physical texts hidden in rocks, lakes, and other locations, are referred to as tertöns, and the materials they find are known as terma. Chögyam Trungpa was already known as a tertön in Tibet.